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Showing posts from February, 2016

Flown, sure.

Microscopic particles
In the blossom of the sun
But vacant

The rays of light
Selfishly absorbed the night.
A gentle whisper,
An honest fight.

Recycle the misunderstood
Dabble in and run away
Tease but make sure you forget
That never, stood every day.

I've been split apart
Petal by petal
To the roots of my sake,
I welcome but hate


Rebirth that never lived
The intricate venom of a facade
Peace painted in dimes
Hiding the war with the excuse of time

The seconds made the canvas,
The minutes let it be forgotten,
The hours let it rot away,
But the days gave it life.

The days gave it meaning
And who am I to redefine what is written
For a moment does not define its beat
The rhythm does.

So don't forget to stop
and listen.

Don't forget to stop.
And listen.

For every tune needs just that,
Or it will go misunderstood,
Fading out as we readjust
Our melody of life.