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Merry Christmas

The brightest colors,
The joyous children,
Renewing your past,
It has come again.

The end of twelve,
The final thirty,
A special twenty-five,
A day, no words can describe.

To some, it has no meaning,
The special twenty-five,
within them,
has died.

To others, it's another holiday,
Another day off,
Which will be long forgotten,
In the depth of their memory.

However, to many,
It is beyond everything,
Everything ever seen or felt,
A day beyond reality itself.

The unison of life,
An act of kindness,
A time where evil vanishes,
We come together,
All differences aside.

You take your time,
for those you care for,
Because you are grateful,
They were there for you.

A simple gesture,
Changes life itself,
A single present,
And a thousand smiles.

The day has come again,
After a year of struggle,
The day where I can once again,
Wish you, one thing.

Merry Christmas.



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