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Free yourself.

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now. I don't know what's on my mind, but lines of code and work are definitely part of it. I think that it scares me to know I have so many things to do every day, and that somehow, all of them get done. It's a pretty crazy thing. Today my calendar updated me and it said, 'Have Dinner', and I knew I had reached a point where every minute of my life had been scheduled. However, I am really proud of what I do. I'd like to write it all out so I never forget of all the things I actually have to do.

In fact, writing this article makes me want to do some work that I am missing. But frankly, screw it. Put work off and do whatever you want, because not sometimes, but always, you have to enjoy life.

My mind is rather confused as to how it process things. I say this very carefully, because I am unsure of what is on my mind right now. How do you put yourself together? How do you wake up and greet people every morning without thinking, what the hell am I going to do in 15 years? Who am I going to marry, where will I live, what will I do? I knew that personally, it was a concern that I did not care about, because frankly, I live my life day by day enjoying every day.

And then a friend asked me, but what is your purpose? In pure honesty I would do things like most other people, for the admiration and respect of those around me. If no one really cared about what I was doing, I am uncertain that I would do it. I love computer science, I really do. But the reason I got into it was because ever since the 7th grade where my principal walked in and took me out of class because she had a computer problem, I've wanted to help people.

Computer is the medium through which I do it, and I am proud to say that it's what makes me be so passionate about the things I do. Everybody deserves to change. Everybody deserves a second, third, and infinite number of opportunities.

Sometimes, the worries about the significance of your actions to your life can throw you off and scare you. Why am I a waitress? What's the point? But that's not the point. The point is not to see what one action or one step does to the whole of your life, but rather, to find the small steps which make you happy.

I'll give you an example, people want to be successful. People suffer through hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to graduate college to finally earn a few dollars so they can work and maintain their family, and be happy.

A: High School - Good Grades
B: College - Good Grades
C: Good Job
D: Have and maintain a family
E. Happiness.

So, let me go through A + B + C + D =? E.

Does it really? Did you in your wondering mind which walked into the path which millions do because you were one in the crowd thinking you were unique ever think for yourself? Did you in your useless calculus classes ever even think if the equation you were walking through was worth it? Who decided this path? It sure as hell wasn't you because college wasn't a choice for you, it was the only way. The other alternative was nothing, because you were nothing, nothing but a simple one in the millions who walk the same path.

Did you ever even consider your actions, and what you were doing? We're simple pawns to the game of society, white mice which run in the circle of life, never leaving their cage. You're being fed to be just another animal that runs around.

It doesn't have to be that way.

If you don't like the process, get out of it. If you are doing something you enjoy, and always seek, every minute of every day will be wonderful. Fight for your life, fight for your survival, but for sure as hell don't let others decide what your future is.

By no means am I criticizing the college process, but rather informing those who walk this path uneasy that there is an alternative.

If you are not satisfied, and not happy, and simply not ok with what you are doing, change it. There's no need for you to gruel through what your parents thought was the right choice. There's no need. Walk into this world naked, stripped of the views and thoughts of others, and you will be free.

Do as you wish, and not as others wish you did.


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