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Sweden and Denmark, check!

This was one crazy weekend.. Flew out to Copenhagen on Friday and decided to take a 20 minute train to Malmo, Sweden. It was midsommar which meant everything was closed and everyone was barbecueing and relaxing at the parks, pretty neat. I came back late and met a few travelers at the hostel before heading to bed. 

Saturday morning I went to the David Collection in Copenhagen, which has to be the best museum I have ever experienced. I learned about Islamic art and its origins, truly a must visit in my opinion.  I followed this with watching the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series which was outstanding although, like in a lot of places in Copenhagen, a ton of construction was going on, which was a bit frustrating for photography.

After that I visited a variety of different landmarks including passing by the Tivoli Gardens (I didn't have time to go inside but it looked so awesome, next time it shall be a must do! -- note to others, its a theme park, I thought it was just these beautiful gardens but I couldn't have been more wrong) and the Rosenborg Castle and the Palace it had in front. 

I finished Saturday night with Lindsey Stirling + Eppic in concert, which, from a personal note, was outstanding. I have never been so psyched by artists who continue to inspire and encourage their audience. Lindsey, Eppic, keep working hard, keep the confidence up, y'all have fought for what you wanted in life, and gotten to achieve your dreams, I cannot tell you how much of an inspiration that is to my life.

On Sunday, I passed by the National Museum and wore chainmail at the temporary Viking Exhibit (pretty neat -- although the only picture I took makes the chainmail look like a dress...). I landed back in Barcelona for Sant Joan which was literally explosive. I felt like the country was at war, but it was all in good fun (hoping no one got their fingers blown off by the insane amount of fireworks that blew up that night).

Updated Country Count: 24. BOOM. I am slowly moving away from my age, to make sure that I never break my country to age rule (numCountries >= age is the rule).


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