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Random ink from my trip to Denmark

I copied this directly from my notebook with some minor changes. I had written this while I was flying out to Denmark and then shortly after landing there.

I didn't know how to title this. It has been nearly three years since I was in such a calm and relaxing situation. Just the ink and me awaiting for the hoard of passengers to cram into a scrap of metal. All of them awaiting anxiously in a disorderly line to get into the plane, is it always everyone's first time? I get it, you want to assure yourself that your maximum-size carry-on luggage fits perfectly. It used to matter to me too before I embraced a more relaxed lifestyle. I still have hints of a relapse, droplets of anxious thoughts that are quickly cleaned away by the reason in my mind that brings clarity. And then, my phone rings. Norwegian Airlines has texted me a reminder 30 minutes before I board... FREE WIFI ON BOARD?! What in the world. Maybe that's why everyone is crowded at the gate ;).

But seriously, the text message was like an honorable king letting his people know he cared. FREE WIFI. Take note Delta, right now you look like you need to step up your game (and I love Delta). BCN-> CPH is a 3-hour plane ride and it flies over numerous countries, and yet you have the nerve to charge me on a transatlantic flight which tends to cost over a grand.

Well enough about the silly airline benefits, two centuries ago a flight from anywhere to anywhere would have been something of the gods. Alright, 20 minutes until departure, maybe the mobs of free-wifi seeking Norwegians has settled. Nope, it has not. On another note, I'm studying the basics of the Danish language. Apparently the letter Ø is pronounced "ir" like in the word weird. A fitting example. Now we're at 12 minutes until departure time. The line finally looks humane. I get on board.

Hours after landing in Denmark, I kept writing:
Haha okay I've been here for a few hours which I spent across the sea in Sweden! My country count is already at 24! These countries are the most expensive I have ever experienced. I have yet to try their meals but I have arrived at a pretty well recommended restaurant (see here), the waiter set up my table and accidentally put down two forks for me to eat with. For a split second I thought I was in for a novel culture and experience but he quickly laughed off his mistake and replaced one of them with a knife. After walking around for hours prior to arriving at my recommended restaurant, I remember I left a previous restaurant when I was across the border in Sweden, simply because they had approximately $40.00 burgers. Yep, developed countries are incredibly pricey.


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Learning to float

First my apologies.
Perhaps I gave y'all the idea that
it was all spit without the gears
We aint about that shit

Words can leave you salivating
But sweat builds the fucking mountains
So don't ever forget that in a heartbeat
I could carry your dreams and forget I even did

You're swimming in it, but you can't even float
The irony of words is that they hold the strength of plans
Without the gunshot
You'll never be grand.

We can all aim high but precision does the talking
It's all too simple these days
With the chatter and spread of information
We're suddenly heroes and activists

But we haven't even blinked, the AC,
It's still running. It's near silence
but its not. The inaction,
It's deafening.

Heck I've gone mute,
I can't even rhyme shit
that could emphasize the prolonged
dream of a typeface, the letters were blank.

It was always that way,
It was always silent because at some point
We stop pinching ourselves and assume
that it was deserved…



It switched.
Unequivocally different.
Through those hardships
We finally turned around.

Perhaps reflections and glimmers
Gave us sight when we could not claim
But the panoramic put the shimmer
To shame.

Thank you.
In this brilliance we rose
Hoping to understand why the routine
drifts away in prose

For every detail and every insight
The neurons kept firing in question,
Let us speak for it is time
To mark this audacity in rhyme.

Although subtle
The cues went noticed
The portrait tact
And yet somehow,

But lets digress from these colors
Let the light paint our shadow
For the steps keep calling
with a subtle vibration

We know its time.

Let me get hurt.

Let me sit here,
Let me feel the drops,
As my heart shatters,
and your shadow drifts away.

Let us get confounded,
Let us mix emotions,
Pour them all into a melting pot,
Pour them all into a blurry past.

I want to look back,
and know that I have felt,
I want to look back and know,
That I have loved.

Because from the pain,
and from the tears,
and from the painful nights,
that I shivered through,

There were the nights,
that you held my hand,
and gave me warmth,

There were the nights,
where it was only us awake,
in the whole wide world,
It was only us who felt love.
Let me believe that it was all true,

Let my tears be for the moments that I miss,
and not for the moments that I did not live.

Let me get hurt, because only then,
will I have lived.

Let me get hurt, because only then,
will I have loved.