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Building your passion.

This was inspired after I went to a SpokenWord event for the first time at JavaMonkey in Decatur. Loved the experience!

Perhaps I was only dreaming,
Only wishing that things would fall into place,
That the blocks that scattered my mind
would build an empire from the rubble,

But deep inside, buried under this mess
I knew those words that told me to stretch out,
To reach out that hand and pick everything up.
Piece by piece, I had to rebuild.

Don't you tell me that your dreams have fallen,
Don't you tell me that its been a waste,
Because when you give up, that's it,
That's all you've got.

Sure there's a friend, a mother, and a brother,
Sure there's the heart of compassion of others,
But if your heart doesn't want it,
Then don't expect it.

I want you to take down every wall,
Take down every word against you,
Step on them and build a ladder,
Make it to heavens, you are greatness.

I believe in you, I believe in passion.
Passion is not happiness, it is sacrifice.
Passion is giving up everything you've got,
For a greater you.

Don't you ever forget that greatness is not shiny,
It's hard work and dedication. It's discipline.
Happiness is a reward for working hard,
But if you can't press the off button on the television,
You don't deserve it.

Your temporary glimpses and smiles will fade away
if you don't work for them to stay.
Look yourself in the mirror and find who you are,
You need to rise above those who think you have imperfections,

You need to realize that there's no such thing as perfection,
But for a better you,
there's always that injection of motivation from within,
That rush of adrenaline through your veins that fulfills you.

And when you reach the top of your mountain,
Never forget what it took to climb it,
Gratefulness and humbleness should always be your foundation,
They are the basis of our creation.


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Learning to float

First my apologies.
Perhaps I gave y'all the idea that
it was all spit without the gears
We aint about that shit

Words can leave you salivating
But sweat builds the fucking mountains
So don't ever forget that in a heartbeat
I could carry your dreams and forget I even did

You're swimming in it, but you can't even float
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We can all aim high but precision does the talking
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Heck I've gone mute,
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It switched.
Unequivocally different.
Through those hardships
We finally turned around.

Perhaps reflections and glimmers
Gave us sight when we could not claim
But the panoramic put the shimmer
To shame.

Thank you.
In this brilliance we rose
Hoping to understand why the routine
drifts away in prose

For every detail and every insight
The neurons kept firing in question,
Let us speak for it is time
To mark this audacity in rhyme.

Although subtle
The cues went noticed
The portrait tact
And yet somehow,

But lets digress from these colors
Let the light paint our shadow
For the steps keep calling
with a subtle vibration

We know its time.

On nature's sincerity

I wish I could But I spoke nonsense I wrote it rather To speak it back to you.
The trees spoke quietly I looked from above and smiled The sun tucked away and I hoped It would spill its secrets.
The picture was rightfully painted Had I blinked, I would have missed it. Do not use sincerity It is not becoming of usage.
Learn to become And you will see the world As it was born It will smile once more. x