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On selflessness, giving, and happiness.

A close friend of mine recently shared this video with me, that brought me to tears.

"Being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you can give."

There are very few things, if any, that make one feel better than helping others. Extending a helping hand and putting in the effort truly make a difference in this world. The smallest compliments and the most selfless tasks bring us closer as a race, they make us better people, they help us change the world.

I am writing this because I want to remind myself of the qualities that I admire and aspire to reach. That stated, I have always felt the most comfort in expressing myself in the form of poetry because in my heart it goes beyond the literal, and transcends to embody what you are feeling with what I am thinking, enjoy.

A better day
A rush of emotion,
It's a redesigned experience.
One that makes you live,
That makes you know, its worth living.

I speak not of the surreal
But of the very nature of your steps,
The output of your very self
And its effect on that which encompasses you.

A compliment or friendly smile,
A warm embrace with loving grace,
The power of empathy has its heart
in the center of your words.

Do not criticize or hate
if you are not willing to help.
By merely seeking a thrilling debate,
you've made both parties lose.

Instead reach out without judgement,
Tell prejudice to take the day off,
Because they have been wrong,
Every time, all along.

March calmly and with confidence,
And let your love be contagious,
For paying it forward was not just a scheme,
It was the essence of humanity's greatest dream.

Help out your neighbor,
And hug your enemies,
Embrace them for their differences,
And do not judge them for their weaknesses.

For on your final days you will not count
the victories against those who hated,
You will recall the memories of friends,
Of strangers who you did not estrange.

You knew love came first,
You became the pathogen for happiness,
A disease that people sought after,

Let this be you,
Hug away and make those smiles stay,

I tell you what, starting today,
You'll love, and it'll become..

A better day.


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