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Lyrical rants

I wish I knew.


It's the cyclic passion of a dream,
Sucked dry by society's deranged attitude,
The essence of a title, Miss Conception.

It made no sense but it was the perfect reality,
It was the lesson I sought after
As a beginner and a master,
Bumping up the skymiles, I couldn't go any faster.

But cut the dream short,
The curtains are closing, the act is over,
This isn't some ecstatic fantasy,
This is the crude world, its all sprinkled bitter.

Don't believe what they're saying
The painters had it right for a moment,
But that's all it was,
It was a frame, that's all we could cherish.

In this lyrical endeavor I've cut away the sprinkles,
I've left it raw, I've left it bitter.
For there is one purpose to this litter,
I want you to turn trash into cash.

Take in this mash, let it age,
Serve it as beer and party my dear,
For dealing with stress is a mess
And god forbid you taste a crazy IBU.

God forbid I step in your shoes,
I'd literally be you.
But fuck that and the dream world,
I take it raw and uncut for that is the essence of it all.

It's where we are and what we're made of,
Its the emotional immune system and yet we forget
that getting hurt builds us up but the next thing you know
is that you'll build up the illusion that vaccination is flawed.

You'll confuse the scientific and the artistic
For some lunatic study, you'll claim its autistic.
In being different you've fucked us all
So fuck you and your thoughts, you know not how to live

You are the death of us all because logic wasn't enough
You wanted to be a hipster but instead
You've killed her so fuck you and your insanity,
Where is your humanity?

I wonder.. but then I step back and realize
There is no sense in this debate
I'm sipping my bitter beer and forgetting the hate,
Live and let live,

But recycle your litter,
Have a taste of the bitter,
Keep on fighting and don't be a quitter,
And for the sake of us all, don't post it on Twitter.


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Learning to float

First my apologies.
Perhaps I gave y'all the idea that
it was all spit without the gears
We aint about that shit

Words can leave you salivating
But sweat builds the fucking mountains
So don't ever forget that in a heartbeat
I could carry your dreams and forget I even did

You're swimming in it, but you can't even float
The irony of words is that they hold the strength of plans
Without the gunshot
You'll never be grand.

We can all aim high but precision does the talking
It's all too simple these days
With the chatter and spread of information
We're suddenly heroes and activists

But we haven't even blinked, the AC,
It's still running. It's near silence
but its not. The inaction,
It's deafening.

Heck I've gone mute,
I can't even rhyme shit
that could emphasize the prolonged
dream of a typeface, the letters were blank.

It was always that way,
It was always silent because at some point
We stop pinching ourselves and assume
that it was deserved…



It switched.
Unequivocally different.
Through those hardships
We finally turned around.

Perhaps reflections and glimmers
Gave us sight when we could not claim
But the panoramic put the shimmer
To shame.

Thank you.
In this brilliance we rose
Hoping to understand why the routine
drifts away in prose

For every detail and every insight
The neurons kept firing in question,
Let us speak for it is time
To mark this audacity in rhyme.

Although subtle
The cues went noticed
The portrait tact
And yet somehow,

But lets digress from these colors
Let the light paint our shadow
For the steps keep calling
with a subtle vibration

We know its time.

On nature's sincerity

I wish I could But I spoke nonsense I wrote it rather To speak it back to you.
The trees spoke quietly I looked from above and smiled The sun tucked away and I hoped It would spill its secrets.
The picture was rightfully painted Had I blinked, I would have missed it. Do not use sincerity It is not becoming of usage.
Learn to become And you will see the world As it was born It will smile once more. x