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I'm tired of this shit,
Been wasting cells on trivialities
When people in cells want trivialities
The river is thirsty but this spit aint right.

What can I give you when the prechewed became preprocessed
And the preprocessed got raped in the process.
I wish we were alive but in this institutionalized hell
It feels like we're picking on stale crumbs for their quality.

But lets recycle that magnifying glass,
Take a step back and change the analysis
With different eyes we can smile or cry
But do we slap on the progress label or question its creation.

I struggle with these feelings of falsehood,
The feelings that every thought requires a microanalysis
A thorough breakdown, three hundred essays and tears from hundreds of miles away
We broke the heart of someone that sprinkled ill intent to shield their fragile conception

This is my tribute to the wary,
My dried up tributary to a lake that sits still,
Its surface unmoved and every leaf that trembles its core
Gets the tree cut down, it asphyxiates the good with a predictable future.

One that prohibits the fun that this body used to bring,
The joy of a summer day is cold and apathetic today
For our very feelings are taken from us in a systematic cry for statistics,
For fucks sake when did we forget to appreciate

We have forgotten to question, to discuss and to wonder,
We are creatures of a system that forces labels on actions,
For an action speaks louder than words they say,
But actions these days speak permanent labels so its best you call your son anonymity.

Did I say son -- oh god what have I done,
Oh please carry on, be meticulous for the meaningless
Go forth and forget to speak true love
Get the hate out of you and throw it out onto others.

It's as if we have forgotten to speak with kindness,
Our hearts ridden by angry movements who light the greener grass on fire
This is the world we live in, a world of two minutes of thought
and forty five hours of coverage.

The words you say will settle your grave,
We have forgotten that without a promotion of growth
Society will crumble and fall,
And then you'll go back to the same.

Picking those crumbs to stand taller,
And on your shaky foundation
you'll wonder what happened to their quality,


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