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The next big thing.

I need to figure out what the next big thing is going to be.

Let's sit back and think in the last 10 years, what has become famous on the Internet. Immediately, my two most visited sites are Facebook, and Google. Facebook is a very social company that aims in connecting users, and creating links between them. They have done exceedingly well in building connections with the concept of 'friends', but a bit more poorly in terms of actual interactions with people, Facebook chat isn't very personal and messages and writing on people's walls are not the best of interactions. Google in contrast has focused mainly on search on the web, and advertisement. Search is really about organizing the web's information, and advertisement is, well, a smart way of making money. So, the two biggest things that have come out of the Internet are a social component, and an organization component. What else is there? We could include things like Wikipedia, which is a subset of the organization component focused on knowledge, with a touch of social in terms of aggregating and providing that knowledge by combining what everyone knows and allowing people to improve upon articles.


Organization (of information).

Damn. Is that it?

There has to be more. Lets try random websites. Amazon. Social economics. Not very social actually, but the basis of buying and selling. What about... IMDB? A database of information displayed in a browsable manner, makes sense. Zoom out and it seems that every website either tries to allow communication between people, or information to people. Some do both, most are heavily on one side or the other.

So, we have these two overarching topics, so now lets try and think outside these topics, or think within them what has not been explored.

Alright here's another idea. Games. That's purely entertainment. Entertainment is another category and it (sometimes) has touches of Social which make the entertainment better (Youtube comments). So that's good, we're at three things.

Social. Entertainment. Information.

That's as much as I can come up with for now but think about this, it's always good to think about the next big thing, because its coming.



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