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It all comes down to how strong you are.

I've heard of many people who close their Facebook accounts, or get an application which bans Reddit from their internet browsing experience. I congratulate them for their initial attempt, because it's better than nothing, but their approach is inherently flawed.

Think about it really, do you sincerely believe that a few clicks is going to make a sudden change in your discipline? One click, and boom, that's it, you're suddenly focused?

I'm sorry, but it's just not like that. In order to achieve a true control of yourself, you must not block the paths that you wish to avoid, but rather, simply choose not to travel them. It takes, in the words of Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross, 'brass balls'.

By no means am I saying that closing your accounts isn't a good step towards ending your addiction, I think its a great start. I simply want you to feel how much more powerful you will be when you are capable of choosing A over B without increasing the cost that it would take to choose the worse path B.



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left it as a draft, came back, its ready.

Indemnify the asinine.
Take it back.
Make a profit.
It's just pocket change.

Don't wish, keep quiet,
and make it happen.
For preemptive boasting
Is definite fragility.

Don't let them shatter
your hidden incompetence.
Lay it on the table.
Serve it cold.

Realize that honesty
poisons the fearful.
Understand that truth
will tear down that wall.

Detail with actions
Step over those who detail
For substance is rare
But taking down the producer
That's the norm in this hell.