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There was a reason, a motive to be.

The rays of light were on vacation,
The stars blocked by our civilization,
There was nothing to see, but in your mind,
There was clarity, there was a reason, a motive to be.

In thin air the friction ignited, the rays were
back at work and the gentle curves of this
newly lit match blazed your sight with opportunity,
An illusion of discovery was born.

No longer did you feel your way around,
Feeling was no longer necessary,
The rough walls were avoidable because now
these rays were your guiding stick.

Rotation after rotation it became commonplace,
With our vision defined and our emotions behind
We walked the easy path,
the one whose shape we did not make.

Your sensitive feet lost their touch,
The road was paved and unobstructed,
You zoomed past it all with no consideration,
No longer did you greet the world with touch.

Somewhere along the lines, vision made you blind,
so close your eyes and realize in time,

There was a reason, a motive to be.


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I wish I could But I spoke nonsense I wrote it rather To speak it back to you.
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left it as a draft, came back, its ready.

Indemnify the asinine.
Take it back.
Make a profit.
It's just pocket change.

Don't wish, keep quiet,
and make it happen.
For preemptive boasting
Is definite fragility.

Don't let them shatter
your hidden incompetence.
Lay it on the table.
Serve it cold.

Realize that honesty
poisons the fearful.
Understand that truth
will tear down that wall.

Detail with actions
Step over those who detail
For substance is rare
But taking down the producer
That's the norm in this hell.