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It never stops.

Fascinated by the idea of time,
I pondered at the two extremities,
A third always in the move,
Twelve perfect overlaps, twice,
what a groove.

As I looked once more,
I realized its growth,
For every move it made,
I made one of my own.

Time was my attack,
I was playing the restless,
I had shown the climax,
And hit pause.

The sudden recipe was toxic,
How long before words lose sentiment,
Before the purpose of these keystrokes
Are a mere distraction delaying action.

It's getting dark,
I'm unsure I'll make it.
Perhaps I'll break,
But even in pieces, i'll take it.

The neurons fire,
This is a pathology,
I've become a curious observer,
A patient, and a doctor.

The stars awaken,
How long have they taken,
Is it too late, I'm infected,
Holding strong but unprotected.

For every hand that's dealt,
I am well invested,
I'm taking my chances,
But no longer well rested.

A fourth left to go,
Who knows what the future holds,
But I've already listened clearly,
Shots were fired, it's desire.


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Learning to float

First my apologies.
Perhaps I gave y'all the idea that
it was all spit without the gears
We aint about that shit

Words can leave you salivating
But sweat builds the fucking mountains
So don't ever forget that in a heartbeat
I could carry your dreams and forget I even did

You're swimming in it, but you can't even float
The irony of words is that they hold the strength of plans
Without the gunshot
You'll never be grand.

We can all aim high but precision does the talking
It's all too simple these days
With the chatter and spread of information
We're suddenly heroes and activists

But we haven't even blinked, the AC,
It's still running. It's near silence
but its not. The inaction,
It's deafening.

Heck I've gone mute,
I can't even rhyme shit
that could emphasize the prolonged
dream of a typeface, the letters were blank.

It was always that way,
It was always silent because at some point
We stop pinching ourselves and assume
that it was deserved…

On nature's sincerity

I wish I could But I spoke nonsense I wrote it rather To speak it back to you.
The trees spoke quietly I looked from above and smiled The sun tucked away and I hoped It would spill its secrets.
The picture was rightfully painted Had I blinked, I would have missed it. Do not use sincerity It is not becoming of usage.
Learn to become And you will see the world As it was born It will smile once more. x

My Barcelona Guide

Long overdue, but having been to Barcelona a number of times, I have been wanting to write some of the secret parts of the city that I encountered, and that are worth seeing. It's worth citing that a lot of the restaurants were originally gotten from an amazing list of restaurants my doctoral advisor shared with me, and that a lot of the places I love going to were first shown to me by our program director, who knows Barcelona better than anybody I know.

Additional note: Barcelona runs on a different time schedule than other countries. Dinner at 9-10pm is very common, and people start going out around midnight (to bars). Clubs start around 2am and go until about 6am, so keep that in mind as you enjoy the city. They also have afternoon naps (siestas), so in the early afternoon, a lot of things may be closed. The summer is usually pretty packed regardless because its booming with tourists. I generally do not like crowded toursit-filled areas, but you have to experience them once. You…