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This one's for me.

"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and feel. That is the purpose of life."

Life Magazine's motto, and a quote brought to the attention of me through Ben Stiller's recent film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'.

Day by day we live our lives. That is as much truth as I dare to say, but today I feel like a small part of me has transcended, a different level of understanding has emerged in my mind, spelling out how to live by appreciation, kindness, and just a little bit of madness. Like any recipe, it takes years to perfect, but just a little bit of effort to make it a good experience.

I've recently realized that no matter how much I travel, or do any type of activity that pumps the adrenaline into my heart and fuels me with the very reason which I like to live, I will never get tired of it. It is not necessarily where you travel, but rather simply the fact of changing where you are that will consistently engage your mind and make the connections you need to keep on achieving greatness.

Jason Silva, whose talks often inspire and enlighten me, speaks of 'hedonic adaptation', in his video, Awe. 'Hedonic Adaptation' is a concept which represents the repetitive nature of our daily lives. We live by repetition, every day we continue to do the same kind of thing and very quickly this dissolves our brains into machines, using the same kind of mental models, we quickly forget that we are in fact alive.

I now realize this is why I have always thoroughly enjoyed cleaning my apartment, or rearranging my furniture, if ever so slightly, it changes things, it reminds me that we should not wait. We should take advantage of the opportunities at hand and make sure that we embrace changing our environment to continue to grow who we are.

Yes, with time, we grow older and our brains seem to degrade in their development, but perhaps its because we have over exposed our sensory input to repetitive patterns that lead us into killing the very thing that we strive to drive closest to our heart. Our memories become forgettable. This idea brings to life the very nature of the concept that traveling keeps you alive, it stimulates you to continue to achieve greatness.

Without new experiences, you close yourself in, you forget the opportunities and can't help but wonder why you no longer remember yesterday. It's because yesterday was shit. Yesterday was an uneventful, repetitive day in which you forgot that the clock was still ticking, so remember that every day of your life. When you step out into the world, make today memorable. Make sure that every beat your heart takes was one in which you pumped your brain with new experiences, and lived a life that you will always remember.


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