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A method to my madness

Nights go by And efforts die out I cannot help it I'm going crazy Everything shatters I'm terribly confused I'm working with nothing And yet, making something Truly, I work miracles, Here, and there, I'm everywhere Be it night or day, At school, or at home, Im always there. Although it may not last, And sleep I may not get, There are motives There are reasons, Everything is there. It's late at night, I work hard, no stops, Merely to get it all done, In all my years, Never has a paper gone, undone, And it never shall, Because I know, I can. Perhaps my body isn't half as strong as my motivation, But I know deep within, It works some extra hours, for that satisfaction. Yes, I'm going crazy, Yes, I do not sleep, But I know my limits, There's a method to my madness. qk

I hope you forgive...

My destiny written My future decided It was no longer in my hands I could not fit your plans Yes, I am sorry But should I be? How could I foresee beyond my own mind How could I predict the unpredictable I'm sorry For two things I did not plan I'm sorry Am I really? I mean no harm I speak my thoughts As best I can I'm not sorry I will not go I'm only sorry I will not be there On that day And for that, I truly am sorry that, I hope you forgive. qk

150 Words

150 words. Who am I? Now its 142. I find it impossible to tell you who I am with 130 left. A numerical countdown. I like math, but now I'm under pressure. 117. Slice me down to digits, I know not who I am at such a young age, I'm in the unknown. 95. Should I find myself, I would misplace it, I cannot know who I am until life has gone by, a time where my life, would die. 69. I keep falling, hold my hand and help me keep in path, I have grown, and yet still in need of guidance, I want not to finish, or reach the end, give me hope. 34. Hope that I shall continue writing forever, under boundaries, breaking my limits, because that is part of who I am. 13. A little part which I am not even sure of. 2. That's all. qk My english teacher mentioned in class today, about colleges giving you 150 words to tell you who you were, just as an example, and I found it intriguing enough to write 150 words, exactly, about who I was. The parragraph above was the result.

I'm in Heaven

How can I know what I don't believe in, How can I find a place, where I have not been? Deep in the sky, or further beyond, where can I find, this perfect place, Where can I find a place with no flaws, If within myself, I have them all. I know not where this place is, I know just one thing, One day I'll say I'm in heaven. qk


It really wasn't all so simple, To draw that line, Where yes and no split, With nothing in between. I was puzzled and confused, I did not know what to say, A black and white question, And all I got was grey, But then a light turned green, Endless possibilities it brought, I had found the in between, I had found the perfect answer. Only to notice, I was miles from certainty, I was back at the start I was both yes and no. It was here it struck me, I questioned myself once more, Would I ever be sure? And then, I knew, I knew the answer. Was it yes? Was it no? Would I know? Maybe... qk


I have to ask you something, It's nothing big, A simple question, That makes the future, present. Can you please, Will you please, just please, Make it certain, Like never before, Assure me beyond doubt, That nothing will go wrong, That you will make it happen. Will you have the confidence, Will you make it definite? Will you, just this once, Promise? qk

Don't play with fire...

The small lizard lay incognito As I walked in for a sandwich I took out some bread, cheese, and pepperoni too, And as I failed at making a pizza, there it was, the no longer hidden lizard, Inside the empty vase, Which my dad had left outside. I remember a time in need of guidance, I remember a time in need of orders, Where I did what I was told, Where I knew no better, But a new time has come, It is time to grow older. Is it time to grow older? I wonder, where was I? How did it all go by this fast? I'm still in school, I'm still young, I'm still a kid, who tells his father, don't leave the vase out, the lizard's may come in. The roles will change, From father to son, to son to father, and although not yet, I know at some point, My parents will need of me, As I needed of them, For what seems like, an eternity. So as my father walks by, I sit here wondering, Will he ever go back, Will he ever forget? Will I ever have to say... No Dad, Don't play with fire. q

'I am a paradelle'

Billy Collins introduced a great form of a poem, called a paradelle. They are fun and although hard to write, it is very entertaining for those who are math-oriented, as it is hard to figure out. I wrote my own paradelle, and it is titled, 'I am a paradelle'. I am a Paradelle Very repetitive Very repetitive Is a paradelle Is a paradelle A very paradelle is repetitive Don't say this twice Don't say this twice Stop following the form Stop following the form Don't stop the following, Say this form, twice I am confused I am confused These words are mixing These words are mixing Confused words these are I am mixing These words are repetitive This form is very confused Don't stop mixing Say the following, twice, I am a paradelle. I am a paradelle. qk In the last paragraph, I broke free of the format of the paradelle, and repeated the last line twice, which would break the sequence for the rules Billy Collins invented, and give it a form of my own.