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What are we supposed to do after all that we've been through...

When everything that felt so right is wrong? It's interesting, where you draw the line... Confusing as well. The world of peace and tranquility is impossible, and its existence shall always remain a dream, an objective, a place we would love to set ourselves towards endlessly, rather than simply reaching it. Simple words can change the life of another human being, and in many circumstances, they have. I write to you, in confusion, I don't know where life has gone, but the beauties within it still remain. Dropping from one and rising to the other, I await a sound wave, but at the same time, am reluctant to hear it. I wish and dont wish, I simply don't want to decide. Why can't two worlds coincide? Why can't my life be settled as is, without problems? It wouldn't be much of a life would it? Watching a speaker recently, I recall him asking his audience, how many liked surprises, the response was indefinitely yes. Little did they know, problems were surprises, an