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Two weeks. It's been too much.

Not sure what got me this morning... For the last two weeks I have been showering with cold showers to the point where I was no longer scared. It was quite fine until this morning when I had pretty much had enough. I think it was probably the fact that my life was too disorganized and too many things were happening that I needed to take a step back and organize some before I went ahead again. I am doing daily workout routines focused on upper body (MWF) and general cardio with swimming (T/TH). The routines somewhat wore me out each day, and I think that's what is slowing me down in work. After spending my entire summer at Google where I had chosen a schedule that worked for me. I woke up really early, and went to work for a good 8 hours, ate well, and then went home to relax and maybe do some side work. So, now that I am starting in the Fall, what is happening? I think its mostly that I am not taking enough classes for those to be a responsibility on their own. I finish all