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a random quote i wrote.. =].

i can live every day thinking about tomorrow, but at the end of the day, all I realize, is that I forgot to live today. So then I close my eyes, and say never again, because I know that if I keep living today, tomorrow will be an even better day. qk.

What have I done with my life?

I stepped into a puddle, My shirt got stained, I had unprotected sex, Fuck, what have I done with my life? I can pinpoint Every mistake, And every wrong step, But then I would have to stop walking. For 1 out of 300 steps, I got mad. The one wrong way I went, Was greater than the other 299. Don't punish yourself, For stepping in the puddle, Don't punish yourself, For your mistakes, And don't punish yourself, For that one wrong path. Because you are beautiful. You can change the world. At your very young age, There is not an action, That could hinder you. Let nothing stop you, and follow your heart, Because a beautiful soul like you, should lead into this world, with a warm smile. And nothing else. You are great love, don't let anyone change that. Because hidden between you, lies a warm heart, That no one can take from you. Te quiero =]. Daniel

Until then...

I really don't get it. I am confused and my mind is lost. The precious treasures of the sun, and those that come when I close my eyes, have long vanished. I am confused, and try not to cry. It is hard to imagine what moving on is like. We have stepped onto a completely new world. It may have taken me 365 sunrises to realize that life moves on. 365 times I must have said that the past was still holding strong. But on 366, you slowly begin to realize that it is time. I long hold a policy to my heart, to never forget. I hold my friends and vow to keep them as friends, because I know that at a moment in time, I simply knew that what we had was real. I tell you with confidence and strength that no matter was it to occur, I will always keep my friends close to my heart, and every single one of them, has their own space. My heart is physically limited, but my love is endless. I can't bear the knowledge of moving on, when you have time to keep people in your life. But I must. Slowly

An Open Heart

I met you one night, At a party where lady kissed her boy, and shared her love. Love was in the air, As it is in our hearts, Every day, and every where. And sometimes I sit there, thinking of life's mistakes, Loving something, Which I already let go... Sometimes I fear That I wont go back, That my past will stay there, and that you, will be gone forever. But that is not true love. Every second that I close my eyes, I don't think, I feel. My heart is in my mind, And you are in my heart. At the very moment of fear, where we follow our heart, and risk everything, Something beautiful happens. My love, you are following your heart, You are opening yourself, To life's most beautiful gift, The gift of love. Don't worry about falling, because everyone does. I can't tell you you won't get hurt, I can't tell you things will work out, But I can tell you one thing, What you are doing is right, You are letting yourself feel, You are becoming vulnerable, You are