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I'm tired of this shit, Been wasting cells on trivialities When people in cells want trivialities The river is thirsty but this spit aint right. What can I give you when the prechewed became preprocessed And the preprocessed got raped in the process. I wish we were alive but in this institutionalized hell It feels like we're picking on stale crumbs for their quality. But lets recycle that magnifying glass, Take a step back and change the analysis With different eyes we can smile or cry But do we slap on the progress label or question its creation. I struggle with these feelings of falsehood, The feelings that every thought requires a microanalysis A thorough breakdown, three hundred essays and tears from hundreds of miles away We broke the heart of someone that sprinkled ill intent to shield their fragile conception This is my tribute to the wary, My dried up tributary to a lake that sits still, Its surface unmoved and every leaf that trembles its core G