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Random ink from my trip to Denmark

I copied this directly from my notebook with some minor changes. I had written this while I was flying out to Denmark and then shortly after landing there. I didn't know how to title this. It has been nearly three years since I was in such a calm and relaxing situation. Just the ink and me awaiting for the hoard of passengers to cram into a scrap of metal. All of them awaiting anxiously in a disorderly line to get into the plane, is it always everyone's first time? I get it, you want to assure yourself that your maximum-size carry-on luggage fits perfectly. It used to matter to me too before I embraced a more relaxed lifestyle. I still have hints of a relapse, droplets of anxious thoughts that are quickly cleaned away by the reason in my mind that brings clarity. And then, my phone rings. Norwegian Airlines has texted me a reminder 30 minutes before I board... FREE WIFI ON BOARD?! What in the world. Maybe that's why everyone is crowded at the gate ;). But seriously, the