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I'm tired of this shit, Been wasting cells on trivialities When people in cells want trivialities The river is thirsty but this spit aint right. What can I give you when the prechewed became preprocessed And the preprocessed got raped in the process. I wish we were alive but in this institutionalized hell It feels like we're picking on stale crumbs for their quality. But lets recycle that magnifying glass, Take a step back and change the analysis With different eyes we can smile or cry But do we slap on the progress label or question its creation. I struggle with these feelings of falsehood, The feelings that every thought requires a microanalysis A thorough breakdown, three hundred essays and tears from hundreds of miles away We broke the heart of someone that sprinkled ill intent to shield their fragile conception This is my tribute to the wary, My dried up tributary to a lake that sits still, Its surface unmoved and every leaf that trembles its core G

Lost in thought.

I wrote this while awaiting a ferry to go to my friends' wedding in Poros, Greece. It was an enlightening moment fueled with a bit of travel exhaustion -- but at this point I'm happy to say that's become the norm. Maybe it was never about the traveling. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is my drug of choice, but maybe the initial thought of traveling, of visiting new places and cultures, of immersing yourself into the curiosities of centuries of great and poor decisions that create what we call cities, maybe that was just a facade. I begin to realize this as I type away in some bench at a bus stop in Athens, Greece. My flight into Athens landed at 4:00am, which was essentially the worst time one can arrive at any city, although i’ll give New York and Barcelona props on being one of the few places i’d leave the airport knowing the city was inexplicably still alive. Anyways, back to my point: as I sit in this bench, I observe people from everywhere, some rushed a


Their screaming to come out of me, I open the page and we go from white to black with nobody to stop me I'm just spitting, maybe lyrically, hysterically They don't even hold hands but word per word its what I could land But fuck it, what does it matter It's a twisted spin on when I use to utter gold But I guess we go back to basics when the truth unfolds All we see is the need, the greed, and honesty holding strong. So here we are flowing down the purity Cruising like we've already forgotten, We have it in us but why look deep inside when we're standing in a house of cards So pick a card any card Here's where the magic from a shooting star Motivated me to move past the opposing war I rose in silence painting it black to get it out of me But at the end of the day lets realize one thing We fought to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, We climbed the walls and looking down realized, The first man we stood on was our former self. So le

What's your secret?

It comes down to this. I judge myself harder than anybody could ever judge me. I firmly remind myself that I am my biggest enemy, my biggest hurdle, and my biggest obstacle to success. I control the perceptions of others so that no matter what anybody says or does it all comes down to me and once I realized this, that I was in control, I realized that I needed to run my ship to its finest capabilities if I was to be the best I could ever be. I must note that at the end of every day I acknowledge a few truths that have remained true to me. The main one of those is that death is imminent. We will die, and the clock is always ticking. We can waste time, or we can fill it with the steps to our dreams. The rest of those truths highlight the things which are important in this world. Based on what I continue to learn and read, there is happiness, there is wisdom, there is love, and there is sorrow. These are a few of the many emotions and virtues which define us. Out of all of these, I h