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Atlanta (Georgia Tech) - The Food Guide

This is an intimate, detailed breakdown of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. It is particularly focused on Georgia Tech, and only makes some regard for spending money. In terms of that, I will try to denote what everything in the guide costs, but i'll focus mainly on good quality restaurants that in my opinion are worth the cost they are categorized under. P.S. I have done a similar list before on Reddit, see here , but this one I will focus more on the best places you can eat at, mostly because I'd like to eventually go to every restaurant on this list that I have not been to. This all came about when a little over two weeks ago I decided, for my birthday, that i'd make reservations at Abattoir for a good dinner with my friend, and after going, I could not have enough of the place. Admittedly, I could not stop talking about it to all of my friends and how they had to go. The waiter had even asked me if I had any allergies that I'd like to inform the kitchen

It all comes down to how strong you are.

I've heard of many people who close their Facebook accounts, or get an application which bans Reddit from their internet browsing experience. I congratulate them for their initial attempt, because it's better than nothing, but their approach is inherently flawed. Think about it really, do you sincerely believe that a few clicks is going to make a sudden change in your discipline? One click, and boom, that's it, you're suddenly focused? I'm sorry, but it's just not like that. In order to achieve a true control of yourself, you must not block the paths that you wish to avoid, but rather, simply choose not to travel them. It takes, in the words of Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross, 'brass balls'. By no means am I saying that closing your accounts isn't a good step towards ending your addiction, I think its a great start. I simply want you to feel how much more powerful you will be when you are capable of choosing A over B without increasing the cost

Existential Thoughts

It's Facebook. Then Reddit. Then Facebook. Then I stop because I don't see new content but if I'm waiting for someone or just on an unpredicted time gap with nothing but my phone, I'll waste time. I've realized this needs to stop. It's ridiculous how much we are consumed by the devices we have. It's been said by the older generations on numerous occasions, we're addicted to a little bubble sent through hundreds of miles of wire. The real world around us seems to flicker like a TV from the 70s. We have the need to continue our technological advancements. This desire is a deep existential crisis that for many of us is unconscious. Hundreds of years ago we began asking ourselves, well what are we made of? Today it seems we answered that question to some degree and continue experimenting with our world in order to better understand it. However, we seem to be headed in a scary direction. We are now focused on a much deeper question that many philosophers hol


This morning I set my alarm for 8:00am. I woke up at 10:00am. I was incredibly disappointed because I was trying to get six hours and then do my array of planned work in the morning, but instead, I ended not being able to do those things. Now, the reasons for this don't matter as much as the idea behind it. Despite waking up late, I still got in the shower, and took a cold one.  I don't mean I took a beer into the shower, I mean I deliberately turned my water to its cold setting, and showered while I shivered. The shivering was two weeks ago, now its more of a refreshing feel of coldness. It's been over two weeks since I started taking these, and if I had to pick my favorite example of my attempt to be more disciplined, this would be it. Try it. Can you actually defeat the fear and doubt in yourself that you'd be capable of waking up every morning to cold water? Most of you probably couldn't. And that's because most of you are weak. You live in a little bub