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my blitz =).

It's hard to say, Why I couldn't go to bed today, I called a friend, And tears led her away. I got no answer, Just a small message, Which told me, Her watered eyes, could not speak. In times where I feel like everything went wrong, In times when I dont know, where to go, or what to do, I close my eyes, and wonder, Where can I press rewind, or fast forward, Why cant I just move on, But then I remember, What a wise friend once told me, For every tear, There is joy, For every tear, You should smile, For every tear, Our heart has felt something, And in the very core, of our pumping chest, lies something beautiful, which few have seen. I ask you to smile my blitz, Smile because the only way for one to cry, is with feeling. You have felt something, deep inside, and in your heart, and it is the very essence of feeling, that makes us beautiful. It is feeling itself, that made me write this, Because it hurts to see a blossomed rose, in the rain, Because it hurts to see my

Thank you =)

Every so often, I still go on my blog, and write a poem. It reminds me of the great times we had, whether it was online, or at your house, or at some party, and it makes me smile. So here I go, my first poem of 2010, I dedicate to you two =). I looked into the history books, and there lay the story, of my sleeping beauty, and little miss sunshine, in the world's greatest country. They ventured into the unknown, a few years ago, and grew fond of the beauty, the place had to offer. I still remember looking up, at the bowling score screen, Struggling to figure out, is that Alex? Or is it Ashley? Who would of known, my sleeping beauty, snored just a little bit, Who would of known, my little miss sunshine, was a straight up clutz, In good fun, Something beautiful had come, I had two best friends, Who I loved, quite a ton. And it went by, all so fast, in only a few months, I hugged my wingman luigi goodbye, But I promised myself, No matter what happens, Where we went, in our sepa

Psychologists know how to fall in love.

Some things just fascinate me. My social psychology professor has repeatedly informed us of something which is, well, tremendously powerful. You know much less than you think you do about yourself. Who you are, what you do, and why you do the things you do, you have no idea. I walked into the class with just basic psychology knowledge, taking IB Psych HL in high school. I had no other class to teach me, but the interest for understanding why people behave had always been inside me. I still have talks with a close friend of mine, who thinks very similarly to me. To be flat out honest, the reason social psychology has fascinated me before was because of relationships, friendships, or, in short, women. How they behave, why they do certain things, when they are flirting, when they are not, what they like, and the usual. Given that there are 3 billion women out there, it is very good to learn by trial and error. Every person you meet you will, at least unconsciously, wonder why she does wha