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Write it out for me.

I look back, so much time has past, I start to remember, the wrong path... What I have done, Has made me who I am, What I have done, Has left me with what I have. It hurts to remember, The silly mistakes, Which have risen so vividly, Within the scars of my heart. His mistakes, resemble mine, to such an extent, that I try to forget. You dig through, the pages of my memory, and penetrate deep within, the golden departure. And yet, one thing keeps me hanging, within this thin line, that I have lived by, One thing keeps me alive. A smile comes upon my soul, and I fly away in peace, knowing that my mistakes, Are lessons which will never cease. Lessons of life, Which have taught me how to live, Lessons of life, which everyone has to live. So don't close your eyes, and tremble. Close them, and wait, Because the colors of life Will return. As you blink again, you notice that despite your mistakes, It is your friends, that truly have not left. With this in mind, I close this open

The lines of friendship.

Coming down quickly, Things try to fit in, I try to make it work, Everything in harmony. We are all different, That's for certain, and although we turn and twirl, there's only one way we fit together. You try to make it work, By twisting things around, Setting it up for our perfect friend, Indeed, I speak of the line. It comes down quickly, and rarely do you lay it down, As you try to complete, many lines at a time. But victory is never eminent, The unbeatable game, gets faster, As even you, the master, fails to prevent a disaster. And so you count the lines, which quickly disappear, If you leave no hole, In the friendship of pieces. Because its the hole, covered by the masses, which wont let you erase, all those mistakes. So keep your words honest, And leave no lies within, Because as in a game of Tetris, a small hole will destroy, The greatest lines of friendship.

Me for you.

Dark clouds ventured within wires The scent of our own Is what we lived by. I close my eyes, As tears shatter, relentlessly, My memory is disturbed. A tender hand, Flawless hair, My generation to come, was taken, and is now gone. In a blur, My glassy crystals, were seen by none, As in fear, they looked away. Too long was spent, In the hands of evil, Too long was spent, In the hands of the devil. And although I have lived, And will continue to live, My life was eaten alive, By those who took her away. My soul in exchange for hers, My life in return of hers, I give you my grief, and take this suffering. As I tremble in suffering, I cannot imagine her, In tears for me, had the pages been reversed. And so I sacrifice my heart, In the eyes of her pain, I sacrifice my last breathe, Hoping she wouldn't have to do the same.