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Taking control.

There is a certain freedom that lies within our minds that needs to be satisfied from time to time. We all have our ways, our methods to finding this freedom and for finding this satisfaction that our mind requires. In a complex variation of points, everything connects, and suddenly, it all makes sense. I don't know why I wrote that really, but my mind seems to want to write words to no reason, it seems to desire to speak. We are ready to go. The world is. We have reached endless amounts of opportunities and goals, and have quickly decided that in our time, everything would be possible. We went to the moon before we actually had personal computers, and now we're in the 21st century, and I stop and think, what is there to do? And it is then that I realize, we are failing. As the brilliant scholars that we are, we have yet to figure out the very system that will keep each and every human being at peace. We have yet to understand how to properly feed those who don't have

Here we go.

It's nice to get thoughts flowing again. It had been a few days of a pretty miserable wellbeing, and I was glad to have my friends there when I needed them. I had to cancel my flight to visit friends this weekend because of work, which bothers me even more, but I disappointed a professor. I don't mean to sound like I'm always looking forward to impressing the professor, because frankly it isn't about that, but rather whether I truly feel proud of the project. And I don't. I don't feel proud of my work, the project isn't entirely functional, it actually kind of sucks, and I was glad my professor let me know that up front. It was a rough emotional hit, but it was the truth. Today I am reorganizing my life, putting the pieces of a war-torn yesterday self back together, to come back a stronger, and more prepared self. I will not let the things that have affected me in the past affect me again. I will pick up and get my shit together, because I am not here for th