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Emotionless feelings.

A bottom-less bottle, An endless exposition What I once felt, My emotions revealed. How is it that so many, Have loved so much, That so many have lost, And yet smiled, for what they loved. I cannot tell you, what love is, As such a great feeling, comes merely in pairs. You cannot feel love, In independence, You cannot feel love, All on your own. In the eyes of others, You are emotionless, Without anyone else, Life is dry, Life is dead. Acknowledge your fears, But fight them, Hide your emotions, But show them. I have come to realize, My words will not Move your heart, Or set your feelings, Free. However, I hope, You come to realize, That getting hurt, is more than just pain. The world was born, in black and white. But today It's in the midst of gray. You stand in the horizon, Without evil, or good, You fear flying, Because you might fall, You fear loving, Because you might loose it all, You fear living, Because you might say goodbye, I ask you, Not to fear it all. Spre


A locked diary, My feelings enclosed, I left it all, In a chamber of secrets. A closed book, A lost key, My heart was locked, For eternity. A series of events, Led me to believe, That the kindest heart, could tear, the most innocent soul. In tears, I hid within myself, My heart was filled, one too many times. I was led to believe in lies, and half-truths, I was played and teased, I fell in too deep. I cannot come out, of this dark and icy cave, Which I built to protect, An innocent soul. I feel no anger, I feel no hate, I feel nothing, Within this blockade. Brick by brick, I covered myself, Isolated from friends, I tear their hearts. Hoping for a savior, I led them all away, I made my biggest mistake. And yet I cannot feel, Any regret, As my feelings lie, Within the locked diary, Whose key I do not have. My only hope, Lies within a magical key, Whose combination, Goes beyond the determination, Of everyone within. My only hope, Is that someday, You will see through, The thic

Things fall apart.

No leaves move, Beyond the gust, I am puzzled, At the emotion-less lust. After months, I realized one thing, The numbness, It would never go away. Dry and cold, Winter's pinnacle, It was a lifetime, Of no emotions. A tempting choice, Quickly dried out, Irony at its best, A happy place, Which was not right. How could I read, The mixed signals, How could I go past, An unchanged expression. Yell at me, Scream at me, I beg you please, Let me feel that you are real. A history has closed you, It has taken your life, You are a loving teddy bear, A small child's addiction, For a few months in time. But in truth, You are purely potential, A hopeful sight in the future, An icy smile in the present, A truly constant past. I ask no more, As I forget my teddy bear, And remind myself, that today, You are nothing. With hope that tomorrow, You will be something.