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Let me get hurt.

Let me sit here, Let me feel the drops, As my heart shatters, and your shadow drifts away. Let us get confounded, Let us mix emotions, Pour them all into a melting pot, Pour them all into a blurry past. I want to look back, and know that I have felt, I want to look back and know, That I have loved. Because from the pain, and from the tears, and from the painful nights, that I shivered through, There were the nights, that you held my hand, and gave me warmth, There were the nights, where it was only us awake, in the whole wide world, It was only us who felt love. Let me believe that it was all true, Let my tears be for the moments that I miss, and not for the moments that I did not live. Let me get hurt, because only then, will I have lived. Let me get hurt, because only then, will I have loved.

Free yourself.

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now. I don't know what's on my mind, but lines of code and work are definitely part of it. I think that it scares me to know I have so many things to do every day, and that somehow, all of them get done. It's a pretty crazy thing. Today my calendar updated me and it said, 'Have Dinner', and I knew I had reached a point where every minute of my life had been scheduled. However, I am really proud of what I do. I'd like to write it all out so I never forget of all the things I actually have to do. In fact, writing this article makes me want to do some work that I am missing. But frankly, screw it. Put work off and do whatever you want, because not sometimes, but always, you have to enjoy life. My mind is rather confused as to how it process things. I say this very carefully, because I am unsure of what is on my mind right now. How do you put yourself together? How do you wake up and greet people every morni