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A broken postcard...

It was then I realized I had lost a friend. It was then I realized that she had moved on. It was then I realized that all those times that I was there for her were in vain, She no longer cared because I hurt her once but loved her a million times. Here lies a broken postcard I will not get. ... But I'll still check my mail, with hope that life will change.

sigo aqui tirando lirica sin consolacion...

It took 10 pins for me to see you, and a strike for me to like you. All it took was a perfectly flowing ball, down a straight path, A beautiful sight, as 10 pins fall to the grace, of your beautiful smile. And yet so quickly, Who would have known, that when I threw 76, I would lose it all. 76 words is all it took, I might as well quit now. I fucked up. I'm supposed to be the one who never blows his composure Even though I hold the weight of my friends on my shoulders I ain't never supposed to show it, my friends ain't supposed to know it Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a crack on Earth it don't matter I use to be the strong one, The loyal and the good one, but when it came to the loyalty of two, I was split between the same, Inevitably I hurt one more than the other, I took a step in the wrong direction, I took a shot to the chest outta my own weapon, I broke my own heart by fulfilling the same one, and now i'm lying here with nothing to say

no lo hagas dos veces...

I know it was spiteful which is why I kept it to my blog. I was mad because you two had grown apart, and I was the only crack on Earth. I was mad because you seemed to want what you once had, back, but I knew it was too late. I was mad I was mad because all that relationships had done to my friends was lead them astray. Don't make me choose between my friends because I'll turn my face and cross the road blind sided. You can say that all you read is the truth in that one post and that I'm an ass and that I chose my side when I wrote those words in the anger of standing in the battlefield trying to wave a small white flag, knowing that peace was nowhere to be found. You can close your eyes and forget all the times I sat there and talked to you. You can say that all my thoughts were lies, but let my words die in peace. I had no intention to hurt you or him. All my intentions were to sow a broken thread in my blanket of friends. Blame it on me, for trying to stick in there, wh

My version.

I hate the way you bitch at him. And the way you told him no. I hate it that you moved on. I hate it that you walked away. I hate it that you said you loved him. I hate it that you thought you were always right. But mostly, I hate the way that you said goodbye, and then hello, expecting life to have stood on by, just for you to live your life.