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Merry Christmas

The brightest colors, The joyous children, Renewing your past, It has come again. The end of twelve, The final thirty, A special twenty-five, A day, no words can describe. To some, it has no meaning, The special twenty-five, within them, has died. To others, it's another holiday, Another day off, Which will be long forgotten, In the depth of their memory. However, to many, It is beyond everything, Everything ever seen or felt, A day beyond reality itself. The unison of life, An act of kindness, A time where evil vanishes, We come together, All differences aside. You take your time, for those you care for, Because you are grateful, They were there for you. A simple gesture, Changes life itself, A single present, And a thousand smiles. The day has come again, After a year of struggle, The day where I can once again, Wish you, one thing. Merry Christmas. matadorqk

We are They

They told me a few words, Could not change the world, They told me to give up, And lose my hope. It was they who started it, The guns, the bombs, the wars, It was they who fired first, And saw extermination, a few steps away. I could not imagine, What the world would be, If we followed what they said, After seeing so many, dead. It was not the fault of what they said, but rather, those who followed. Because it was not they, Who let this happen. We live in a world of horror, Where blood is shed by the minute, In the sight of power, We are blinded by it. No longer could I hold my thoughts, and dream of peace. I knew a few words, could go a long way. And so I write this, hoping to save a life, I write this, hoping that you realize, We are they. Let us change. matadorqk

No questions asked.

I was weak, and undecided, you abused of, the bright minded. I was bribed into everything, Pushed against my belief, into actions which overall, contradicted my moral. And in a gust of wind, My life had cleared. I no longer feared, the open-ended remark. I certainly knew No was the answer. To all those inquiries, which made me tremble. But the courage it took, to build up inside, and reject all outside, was phenomenal in my mind. I may have gained, a selfish defense, which although rude, I would not call crude. Every man for himself, And no man will get scammed. Grow some independence, And live by your own supplies. I live by my own, and yet love to help out, I preach a theory, seemingly contradicted in practice. But within me, lies a strong philosophy, I can help out, If I expect nothing in return. I'd love to recieve help, If it wasn't conditional, Because I have not asked, For your assistance, in any task. My lesson is strong, Recieve help when given, and give help

I love you.

Deep within, A heartfelt loss, I could not figure, What went wrong... Which drop spilled the cup, Which we so vividly, filled up... I don't need to know, what caused such pain, in the midst of confusion, and so many mistakes. We find each other, once again, And the dream of you, paints itself true, In an illusion of reality. I wish I could erase, the written past, and for once slow down, what went so fast. I cannot forget what I left behind, because within it, lies the memory, of the person, I once loved. I have not left, and while my heart cries, I dream of what was once best. I will not forget. How my heart once felt. My love for you, will forever, remain true. matadorqk

It ends.

Be it characters, letters or words, We are all the same, From wherever we came. As the drop of ink, inaguarates a feeling, Something new is born, something we have never seen. It's a phenomenal combination Never seen in a thousand years, This creation is yours, and yours only. How such sentiment came upon, is no matter of psychology, The emotions in our heart, are a breathe-taking mystery. And dare I search the mystery which I have felt, time and time again. Dare I explain my feelings, It would never end, as I have never felt exactly the same, Once and again. As the words go through me, they splatter on canvas, I have found the perfect colors, and yet, I cannot end. Our feelings wander, lost and confused, I am truly absent, and so it ends. matadorqk

A thousand sheets

The pressure mounts, Everything builds up, A thousand sheets, And you've just begun. The clock takes down, minute by minute, your hand shivers, Your far from done. The night has come, To your side, The heavy load, slowly unstacks. Everything dismantles, The sun has come again, And to your side, A memory of a thousand sheets, Which swiftly, flew by. The memory of a thousand sheets, has died. matadorqk

Everything is going to be alright.

Life looks slim, your inner light turns dim. What was once bright, has lost its might, No hope is in sight, But you hold on tight. The world could fall apart, time and time again, The world could turn to flames, And yet, it would not end. I simply can't explain How we have made, every wrong turn, and yet, turned out right. I have lost my worries, I have gained trust, Within me, I know for once, Everything is going to be alright. qk

A dusty page...

I'd tell you to leave it behind, where it already lies, but all I hear in silence, is how your memory cries. It looks back, and tends to regret, the actions one took, in a forgotten past, which one can't forget. Our mind is in tears, As it has not realized, The actions one took. Beyond one's mistakes, And those forgotten regrets, A dusty page lies within, all our disgrace. We were there, in a moment of need, We were there to help, And yet we forget, the actions we took, For a better world. Revive these memories, In vivid colors, and glorious sunlight, Revive these memories, To brighten your mistakes, Because they have made you, shaped you bit by bit, into who you have become. If we learn one thing from a wrong step, it's that we learn, from a wrong step. Take your path, Walk your way, step it right or wrong, But keep it strong, because deep within us, a dusty page lies, waiting to be remembered. matadorqk


She runs off with the one, who defies the ideals, who breaks the rules, who fucks them over, with love. Be it the wisest, One may never understand, The problems that lie, within this unsolved mystery. How is it possible That years of studies, Leave us dumbfounded, To the questions, which others, so nimbly answer, How is it possible, that these questions No book can answer. Speak what you want, Percieve as you wish, Reason if you please, But don't underestimate the other, Because even the greatest scholar, May not read emotions, Even the wisest men, May not read emotions, Because in such a book, You need courage to turn the pages. matadorqk

I'm doing something.

Yes I have tried, To lay there, with nothing to do, But truly, it's too daunting a task. My life revolves around one objective, One mission, To better oneself. Every thought, Every action, Everything, has its purpose, To be better. How simple of life, If it were simply that, And yet it is, And it is so complicated. Doing nothing is defined by me, as something, and this something, does nothing, to improve. Given such thought, How was I, to lay there, and do nothing? I merely can't. A workaholic to many, And sleep-deprived to others, I have my problems. However the many, I think i'm better, Than those who sit there, and do nothing. Finding satisfaction, In a pointless task, is merely yet another, pointless task. Act as you wish, I shall lay here, doing something, at every moment, your doing nothing. matadorqk