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What is it about?

Let me whisper as the neurons fire, let me walk you through the tale, as the flavor rises, the shiver, it's back, and I don't know why, but I know exactly why. Beautifully cut pieces, flavor waiting to be lived, I fail at describing, as the many lagers stand beside me. What can I say, you know the path you must walk, what can I say, I've been here before, but I put down a different set, a different combination which were I a man of the past, would have frowned upon. As I stand back, I remember the stone, I remember the words, and the very subtle steps that marked an eluded happiness in a tale that brings a smile which knows no origin. I pack it up and to hell with it I say, I have put away the book of knowledge, and turned back to page one on experience. Everything is different now, and although I make no promises of repetition, I acknowledge the product of my very motion. Let me not think for once, and just be. Let me just be because that is all that I want. Perfec

A short inspirational message I wrote.

Because only then will we know who we truly are inside, and smile in amazement as we watch ourselves change with every blossoming flower that brightens our day. Don't live your life trying to understand who you are, live your life to understand that who you are is not one thing, it's anything you want it to be ♥.

Updates from the pile of work.

Last week was very tough. I haven't had the time to write much sadly, but I have written to many of my friends so I am kind of glad that I have balanced that. I'm working on many projects and for one of my classes I have to decide what project I will be starting soon, so I have to weigh my options and see what I will work on in the future. Now I have to keep working and make a blog for my SCAD class, work on connecting the Kinect to AS3, and so forth. We will see how this goes, I have yet to understand how actionscript files can directly link to a Flash project, but I guess i'll find out pretty soon. I hope that I will have more time to write later, been working really hard, I interviewed with Facebook yesterday and today and did really well so I am excited to hear from them tonight. Cheers, Daniel.