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I can't explain how beautiful life is. A moment in time just changes everything. You stop, and realize, a degree is important, and college is necessary, but the things that will truly make you happy, are already out there. I closed my eyes and realized that the friends I have around me make my life. Their beauties and greatness are what make me smile. Thank you, for you have made me realize that happiness is not something we can at some point hope to achieve. Happiness is you. You made me happy for just one night, and for just one night, you changed my life. te quiero preciosa, qk.

I want to be with you.

Picture a time, a moment in time, miles away from now, where everything that is, just isn't... Can you live with the knowledge, that most things, will break apart in the future, and never re-connect? The youth often say 'forever', but seldom mean it. Truly, it can only be, until destiny sets us part. We have our paths, And our trails to walk, But I challenge any who read this, To stand on his own against the many, I challenge you, to keep every friend you get. It can't be that hard can it? It use to be that nothing was forever, But lets prove that wrong, Because I want to be with you, I simply won't say forever, Because all who do, never actually do, and I actually want to be with you. <3. qk.

Thank you for being there.

Let it be known that someone cares. There are people out there, who seldom a time realize, that there are those who care. I write this in appreciation of everyone who has, at any moment, cared for me. I can be grateful, and I can thank you all, but I hope this piece of writing does more justice than those two words, 'thank you', which people throw around, without meaning. My heart pumps in agony, I am frightened, Until your sound waves, calm my spirit. You were there, When I was scared, You were there, All along. I won't forget, That one time my phone, rang many numbers, and you were the only one, Who dropped it all, To open up, and calm me down, It was you who listened. I was in pain, But then it all went away. I looked at life, And smiled. I can't pinpoint, Who made me smile, I can't make a decision, On who changed it all, Because the answer is not one, but all. All my friends, have been there, All my friends, have made a shady day, shine. You are all wh

You are not the best because you don't want to be the best.

Recently, I sought after a challenge, I sought after something which would take hours of my time, for one reason. I wanted to be better. At first, all that came out of it was realizing that perhaps I wasn't better. I was discouraged. I was made belief that some people are just better at that. However, it was then I remembered this article I read, at Cube of M. It really isn't about how smart you are anymore. I remembered that one line... "The only way to be successful then would be to gain a slight advantage over them - I had to work and train harder than they did, I had to get to know more people than they did, I had to learn more about more things that they did." You are better. You can become greater. It's all about how hard you try, and how much you really want it. Because sometimes, you may think you do, but deep inside, you have already pre-set your mindset to believe you can't do it, that y