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A Glencairn in the abyss.

You stare into it, and it stays unmoved, in the mid center of an abyss, Nothing ever changes, it remains, untouched and unaware. The subtle decay is not visible, it remains strong to the penetrating light Its the rays that brings it to life to enlighten our humble eyes. Light works in interesting ways, it gives us so much and yet we sometimes see so little. I wish I knew what went wrong, but light knew all along, into our vision it walked upturned, and yet our brain chose what it saw. In the blink of an eye, the delicate piece shatters. The light bounces every other way, and yet a beauty remains. A beauty that lies unseen, time can only tell what we try so hard to predict. History may be of guidance, but never of certainty. Spend less time looking that way, And realize these final words which are not mine. "Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion." - Holstee Manifesto.

The things that matter.

You have to let me know, every step of the way, you have to tell me if what you’re doing really matters . Time is a resource that we are always spending. We always decide how we spend it, and more often than not it’s in a very poor manner. Right now you’re reading this; you got to this link through Facebook or Google+ (or on a very low probability from elsewhere). You’re staring at the screen. The clock is ticking. What are you doing? Is what you’re doing important – does it even matter to you? Don’t take this the wrong way. There are things that are a waste of time from the perspective of a productivity junkie, that matter tremendously. I’m not here to argue that you shouldn’t be doing activity a or b, I’m here to argue that you should ask yourself whether it matters to you. To me, a lot of these seemingly unproductive activities are vital to my productivity. If I don’t take a break in one way or another, if I don’t refresh my bandwidth (see this  and my thoughts on it ), I

You should never be busy and we should grab lunch.

This post was inspired from reading this article , and this article , both of which cover a lot of the points I discuss below. I'd still recommend reading both of them. In fact, if you only have time for two articles, read those. I'm writing this post to share some of my own personal strategies on the subject. These readings went over two important points which I'd like to highlight: Telling people you are busy all the time isn't necessarily a good thing. Its generally a sign of poor time management. Incredibly productive people know that performing activities that distract you from your work often help you tremendously with making progress at work. I'll quote the second point since I can't really put it better than this:  "some tasks tax your bandwidth even when you are not working on them — a looming deadline or a challenging decision call your mind away from whatever you're working on," while "other tasks do not tax bandwidth but ref