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Should I study abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the summer?

The sun is setting. I sit in a small dorm room in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona. I have been to Barcelona, Spain on numerous occasions. I have brought and met up with friends from all over the world here, I've made countless friendships in every corner of this city, I've studied here, and now, I'm a teaching assistant here for the summer. I'm writing this post to answer one question for Georgia Tech students in a very extensive fashion, should I study abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the summer? The answer is YES . Here are my top 5 reasons as to why, in no particular order. It's going to change your life. Whether you're a world-traveler or an in-state student who has never left the United States, the GT Barcelona program will have an incredibly lasting effect on your life. I've tried to explain this phenomenon before, but its relatively difficult to put into words. Traveling and more specifically  expe

Nutella Quinoa with chopped strawberries and bananas

I'm starting to experiment with quinoa and the different types of meals I can make. So far I have gathered it is a very interesting seed (pretty much a grain) that upon boiling, absorbs a lot of water, making it very tender (depending on how you cook it of course). Today I boiled some quinoa following a very simple recipe: First I put some olive oil (a teaspoon at most) on the pot, and let it heat up until the oil spread around easily.  I tossed in the amount of quinoa I desired and let it cook for about 1 minute in the oil, stirring it every few seconds to make sure all of the quinoa got cooked for a bit.  I then put in twice the amount of water as quinoa, and waited for it to come to a boil. Once it had gotten to a boil, I covered the pot, and let it cook for 15 minutes in low heat. The quinoa as it boils. I chopped some frozen strawberries and frozen banana slices in the process, and left those in a bowl. Frozen diced strawberries! Adding them to the

Sweden and Denmark, check!

This was one crazy weekend.. Flew out to Copenhagen on Friday and decided to take a 20 minute train to Malmo, Sweden. It was midsommar which meant everything was closed and everyone was barbecueing and relaxing at the parks, pretty neat. I came back late and met a few travelers at the hostel before heading to bed.  Saturday morning I went to the David Collection in Copenhagen, which has to be the best museum I have ever experienced. I learned about Islamic art and its origins, truly a must visit in my opinion.  I followed this with watching the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series which was outstanding although, like in a lot of places in Copenhagen, a ton of construction was going on, which was a bit frustrating for photography. After that I visited a variety of different landmarks including passing by the Tivoli Gardens (I didn't have time to go inside but it looked so awesome, next time it shall be a must do! -- note to others, its a theme park, I thought it was just the

My Guide to Panama, the place I call home :).

Last updated (May 2015) - Still need to flesh this out. This is a guide to the place I call home -- my favorite place and dearest to my heart, Panama. I'll give some general tips on places to go, along with some more generic itineraries. Transportation: Panama has Uber . It is much better than the somewhat unreliable taxi service, and it will most definitely revolutionize transportation in the city. I love it and take it everywhere, and I hugely recommend that you do as well as it is so much more convenient. If you are out of range, I recommend you drag the pin closer in range and then when you get an Uber, call the driver immediately and ask him if he'd be willing to drive farther for more money. I have done this and they are generally willing to make the trip for cash (basically not through Uber but at a decent price). Places to Travel: Miraflores Restaurant : This one is a decent option, call in if you want a reservation for a table outside to see the boats c