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Let it be unconditional.

Pocas personas ponen ideas en mi cabeza como lo hiciste el martes :). You bluntly said, "I need to stop fucking caring so much". Back in 1933, Max Planck stated the following, "Let us get down to bedrock facts. The beginning of every act of knowing, and therefore the starting point of every science, must be our own personal experiences. I am using the word, experience, here in its technical philosophical connotation, namely, our direct sensory perception of ... things. These are the immediate data of the act of knowing. " Now you're probably thinking, where the hell do these things even connect? You must be crazy. Haha, listen carefully dear... The dependence on the heart is inevitable. I say it honestly, because sometimes, when I'm sitting in my room, and its 1:00am, I look back a few years, when we were all together, and wonder, what happened? How can something so beautiful just vanish? How is it that I care so much, and others don't? Where is the