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Learning to float

First my apologies. Perhaps I gave y'all the idea that it was all spit without the gears We aint about that shit Words can leave you salivating But sweat builds the fucking mountains So don't ever forget that in a heartbeat I could carry your dreams and forget I even did You're swimming in it, but you can't even float The irony of words is that they hold the strength of plans Without the gunshot You'll never be grand. We can all aim high but precision does the talking It's all too simple these days With the chatter and spread of information We're suddenly heroes and activists But we haven't even blinked, the AC, It's still running. It's near silence but its not. The inaction, It's deafening. Heck I've gone mute, I can't even rhyme shit that could emphasize the prolonged dream of a typeface, the letters were blank. It was always that way, It was always silent because at some point We stop pinching ourselves a


"Click". It switched. Unequivocally different. Through those hardships We finally turned around. Perhaps reflections and glimmers Gave us sight when we could not claim But the panoramic put the shimmer To shame. Thank you. In this brilliance we rose Hoping to understand why the routine drifts away in prose For every detail and every insight The neurons kept firing in question, Let us speak for it is time To mark this audacity in rhyme. Although subtle The cues went noticed The portrait tact And yet somehow, Obtruded. But lets digress from these colors Let the light paint our shadow For the steps keep calling with a subtle vibration We know its time.

Hold them.

Ever flip a coin hoping to choose What never had a side? Ever hope it fell on its side Not yours or mine, but its. Its the introspective gamble, The bet we never made The thoughts we shattered Hoping their rebuilt selves would float away. But instead we find ourselves walking on shards Hoping to find the worlds' balance We rebuild in pieces But the scars never leave us. Walking taller the worlds would never propitiate. The past plays thinking it knows best, The present checks for an all-in future, But inaction has killed us before. Fallacious wisdom rises to fail For the trust of more over better. We sacrifice the selfless For the self to have less. I wish I could make you understand The direction our hearts dream of. But with every step You seem to forget This was never your game You gave me the chips Now please, let me play. I'm all in.

Flown, sure.

Microscopic particles In the blossom of the sun Preemptive But vacant The rays of light Selfishly absorbed the night. A gentle whisper, An honest fight. Recycle the misunderstood Dabble in and run away Tease but make sure you forget That never, stood every day. I've been split apart Petal by petal To the roots of my sake, I welcome but hate Rebirth. Rebirth that never lived The intricate venom of a facade Peace painted in dimes Hiding the war with the excuse of time The seconds made the canvas, The minutes let it be forgotten, The hours let it rot away, But the days gave it life. The days gave it meaning And who am I to redefine what is written For a moment does not define its beat The rhythm does. So don't forget to stop and listen. Don't forget to stop. And listen. For every tune needs just that, Or it will go misunderstood, Fading out as we readjust Our melody of life.


A small quote I came up with as I was going to bed last night, felt it was worth sharing: Don't buy depreciating assets unless they are a necessity and if so, buy them depreciated.