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For you, my precious stone.

I stood in the midst of darkness, In a traveled path with missing spotlights, A precious gem, shone in the distance, I walked carefully, but with confidence. I never knew of where i'd go, And yet its luminescence, Shined a way, Of which I could never say no. A gentle touch of its smoothness, And it quickly ran away. The light had marked my path, And I was on my way. And so the day came, Filled with floating oranges and plums, The sky was in its best behavior, And my nervous heart was ready to fall in loive. I could not tell you, what my mind went through, ever since the minute, in which I met you. Your first kiss drove me crazy, And even though the second time is a little hazy, I do remember the joy in my heart, When I got to hold your hand, for the very first time. The turquoise gem that lit my path, The Clemson colors which filled the sky, A simple kiss, which drifted me to loive, I am at a lack of words to tell you how I feel, But I hope my short story, Can assure you th

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work - Inspired.

I recently watched a talk on how we view things in life, and how happiness is what inspires productivity. I have long believed it and seen it applied to different areas, particularly when I worked at Google over the summer where I saw how the environment that surrounded us that summer really inspired my work ethic. That stated, I will compile a list of 63 things I am grateful for, writing 3 things every day. I am grateful for: February 7, 2012 The love my friends and I share. The dedication the College of Computing (and specifically Cedric & Jennifer) put into making me feel at home here, as it has gotten me where I am today. Shawn Achor's inspiring TED talk which has lead me to do this in my life. February 8, 2012 Family, for their loving support. My bicycle for getting me places in Atlanta. My research professor for allowing me to continue pursuing my research. February 9, 2012 My roommates for their understanding of my intense work schedules. My team at SCAD for

Reading Critique: How People Learn - Chapter 4

This chapter captivated my attention rather quickly as it illustrated how we can understand a lot more about children’s mental development by observing them with the assistance of others, as opposed to on their own. The understanding of every age range and the different mental and physical understandings of the world that we develop as we grow seemed to be somewhat excessive, and to be honest got a little scary at one point, given how much we know and can predict about our development. The understanding of this in depth growth in general understanding was complemented by an attempt to actually understand the differences between children and adults, and what mechanisms we go through to learn differently. Although some arguments have been made to state that our understanding increases due to our increased capacity to retain information, and/or our increased speed through which we can process information, the counter arguments provide interesting findings. A lot of children outdid adults