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3-5 minutes.

You have to choose a topic, and speak about it for 3-5 minutes. What do you do? Let me tell you about a topic that fascinates me, travelling. I'm going to link travelling to the understanding of other cultures, which is obvious, but also to the betterment of yourself as a person, which is a little bit less obvious. I don't exactly remember the first time I got on a plane, or how many planes I've been on, but i'll tell you this, I knew since the moment I walked into another city, that this is what I loved doing. I just hadn't figured out why until a few years ago. I knew that travelling was my calling when I looked over the favelas in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, the worn out look of a camel as I rode the deserts of Egypt, and the perfection of the Sydney Opera House as the thoughts of Architect Jorn Utzon went from paper and pencil, to the majestic piece which we see today. The process is simple: 1. GET A PASSPORT. 2. Check if you n