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I appreciate you.

I want to let you know that there are things out there, which will make you feel like shit. There are things which will bring you down, and people who will make you feel like who you are and what you do is worthless. You may work all night and all day, and people may not care. You may struggle and go through life's difficulties and truly not be appreciated. I am here to tell you that I appreciate what you do. I don't care what it is, I only care that you are true to your heart and your passion. If it is painting, dancing, or singing, I really don't care, as long as you stick to it, and follow it with all your heart. Don't let anybody stop you from being who you are, because when you are true to yourself, your life will be filled with joy. So smile now, because the best way to change your life, is to start acting. Always keep in mind, that people do appreciate what you do. And without you, people would miss you. I appreciate you. qk.


Don't ever let anything bring you down. After a good night's sleep, and somewhat of a very rough day yesterday, my heart held up strong. Feel the pain because it is worth it. Feel the pain because it gives your life and your emotions validity. Perhaps this is hard to express, but what I am trying to get across is the point that the feeling of pain and hardships in our life come solely from the feeling of beauty and greatness. I have heard tears by the thousand, I have heard the suffering of close ones, and felt their pain. But upon such feelings, I have come to realize that even then, I have found beauty. The end is never beautiful, the end is never appreciated, some try to run from it, others do all they can to avoid it, others look for it, but regardless, the end is necessary. Closure has come. And that is what we need.

Change - for the good.

I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be alright, I wish I could change the world, I wish I could wipe your tears, But that changes nothing. Life is fragile, and imperfect, And a single fragment of a second Can make the world stop spinning. I wish I could close my eyes, and comfort you, I wish so many things, But then I stop, and a touch of calamity fills my heart. You are you. I need no change, I need no wishes, I need nothing. You are strong as you are wise, What many may not see in you, I have felt in you. Many a time, Psychology is nothing more, Than an ongoing joke, 'As if emotions were a science.' But in truth, I tell you, Emotions are the hardest science. The most difficult of them all, The realm of the unknown. And your warm heart, Takes it smoothly. As mine shatters, You tell me what matters. Everything is not going to be ok. Life is going to change. But you can close your eyes, And make it right. Make it right for the young ones, Make it right

let's take it one step at a time.

Death is an interesting thing. A slap in the face, a clock ticks, and there you go. I don't know to get this off me, I really don't know what to say. Simple wavelengths communicate that it's over somebody, that tomorrow, you'll never see them again. And just like that, life ends. I can't... no se que decirte, ni que escribir. Estas cosas te pegan de una forma que no te puedo describir. Escuchar tus lagrimas las ponen en mis ojos, I look for the brightness in everything, but now, everything seems dark. You want me to walk outside, and continue my life, you want me to keep going, but I really don't know how. Saying that things happen for a reason is truly a simple way of feeling at ease, but when that reason is far beyond me, and when the science in me tries to understand what goes on, it falls into puzzlement, far beyond anything in the realm of my understanding. It happens, I know, but the science of emotion is one we do not quantify. Sorry Psych, you can

Can we stop, for just a minute?

I stroll back from the unknown, where the heart is at ease, as a plane drifts on into oblivion, It's a sunny day. Sneeze after sneeze, I can't control myself, Sometimes, words just feel right, And I can't help but writing them. I want to drift away, Close my eyes, and see worries dissolve, I need this to stop. Just for one minute, That gorgeous minute of calamity, That minute where birds fly, and the wind blows your mind away. It's a difficult thing to see, And then it's all blurred in beauty, I can't help but tell you, love does it all. I wish life could be like this forever, like the first time you felt it, like the first time your heart just knew, that it had made it. That after years of travels, and pretty pictures, it had found that feeling, the feeling that we always wished for. If I could freeze time, I'd do it now. And just take a picture, to hold this time in memory, as a memory, that life was beautiful. I say it historically, because we

Ahh.. la vida es preciosa..

Hay momentos en que te sientes fabuloso porque la gente reconoce lo que haces, porque el trabajo voluntario te trae sonrisas, el trabajo que a uno no se le exije se le agradece, y es por eso que muchas veces, camino sin destino, sonriendo, ya que la mas pequena apreciacion de lo que uno hace, me hace feliz. qk.