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On nature's sincerity

I wish I could But I spoke nonsense I wrote it rather To speak it back to you. The trees spoke quietly I looked from above and smiled The sun tucked away and I hoped It would spill its secrets. The picture was rightfully painted Had I blinked, I would have missed it. Do not use sincerity It is not becoming of usage. Learn to become And you will see the world As it was born It will smile once more. x

On addiction.

She was right. I could hardly sleep at night For every waking moment I was distracted by the beats. Scrolling through history Passing each Kodak moment I had purposefully silenced my own The grid was feeding my veins. An addict at best, I saw the ticker go down A minor twitch Branded jeans. I landed. The writing finished. The grid connected. My addiction blinded me once more. Note: Going through my phone and posting the pieces I wrote over this summer, posting a lot today given my prior frequency haha.

a second time.

i didn't know you up close and yet your smile being gone shattered me to pieces no blood, and yet we were. i couldn't help but think of the irony it felt undeserved and disrespectful and yet it brought me comfort knowing that your joy would have wanted the smiles i do not wish to be disingenuous i am not one to say many things but with every laugh with every laugh i'll stop i'll think and i'll add a little more joy a second laugh, a second smile i'll think of what the world is now missing with no intent to fill the gap but with every intent to remember to remember that life is precious life is gentle and life will go may you rest in peace.

left it as a draft, came back, its ready.

Indemnify the asinine. Take it back. Make a profit. It's just pocket change. Don't wish, keep quiet, and make it happen. For preemptive boasting Is definite fragility. Don't let them shatter your hidden incompetence. Lay it on the table. Serve it cold. Realize that honesty poisons the fearful. Understand that truth will tear down that wall. Detail with actions Step over those who detail For substance is rare But taking down the producer That's the norm in this hell.

thank you

i never really knew what i'd feel going through the words of an angel my eyes cried into my heart i struggled to breathe i'll never be the same so thank you for her words  you pointed me that way once then twice then again and when i finally got around to clicking ship i broke down in her style i must say she broke me open and then kept tearing me apart to remind me that what is outside blinds our eyes so we can see with our heart it's crystal clear now

"I'm not the whisky you want, I'm the water you need." - Rupi Kaur

The light came through, Your peaceful smile, in truth. The surreal was still at bay But I did not know what my words would convey. I heard the silence pedal, I spent the days winning medals Hoping to protect my heart By covering it with metal. I'm trying to explain these walls, The shields and simple fears, I hope they don't reflect you away, But I do not know if you can stay. I buried myself deep within Behind this thick armor My wounds had frozen As I lay there, I burned the roses. A little heat was a sweet reminder Of my burnt past The loving pleasure and pain I ran from what would always remain. So when I glanced at you in disbelief, It was hard to mutter past my walls, But you saw past them with your own, By admitting what I had never known. The vulnerabilities we touch Let us know we are loved They acknowledge our shame And let us play our game With a silly smile, I finally got the courage I finally had the nerve, To yell past my wall