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Hey, you should do this.

For a very long time in my life, I had given no thought to living. I was the product of my hard-working parents, and I tried my best not to disappoint them. Once college came around, I worked hard to continue this trend, but by then, I was already successful in their eyes, I had gotten a scholarship to go to Georgia Tech and they knew once I landed my first internship with a big tech firm that I had made it. But something happened after that. I started applying the knowledge that I was so fortunate to have to how I lived my life. I started three tasks, which everyone knows can be good for you in moderation. I started working out, eating healthily, and being more thoughtful. These are three areas which I was particularly weak in. These three areas vastly improved my quality of life. I was falling asleep immediately after going to bed which made me get some truly wonderful rest, my skin was clearing up by being more careful about what I ate and I felt like I grew as a person by starti