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The Well

You fall so deep, into memories, and scary flashbacks. It all comes back, in a moment's time, You tremble, You remember your crime. The law did not prohibit, A world of emotions, In search of freedom, They let us feel. Deep in pain, And pure agony, I saw the white light, The last station of my train. A quick turn, A dripping palette, Life had come back, Derailed from its track. Truly unexpected, And with a soothing flow, Came a joyful tear. I wanted gold, With a rising sunflower, The growth of an era, Seemingly endless. And yet death rose, Into jewelry, And winter's dust, I fell again, It was the end. A near milestone, Shivered dry, Dawn came, And I began to cry. The dead bouquet, And dark waves, had risen again, A summer's miracle, Which I hold tightly. I hope you, Make my eyes close lightly, I hope you, Shine through, The dark wall. I hope you, Don't let me fall. qk..